Beam me up, Scotty!

Hello from Atlantic Divers

Atlantic Divers, one of the largest Dive Centres in Tenerife. Proudly owned by Geoff from England, a PADI and BSAC OWSI and an ex military S.A.D.S. number 798. Geoff and his experienced team welcome everybody to dive in Tenerife.

From the non-divers, novice diver and qualified licensed divers regardless of organization. Diving in Tenerife, with our dive centre is an experience not to be missed. Tenerife diving offers without doubt the best diving in the Canary Islands. Clear waters, abundant marine life and warm waters, Tenerife has it all!

We can offer both P.A.D.I. and B.S.A.C. diving courses, from novice to Instructor. We work together so that we can appeal to everyone. Together, with our staff, we are one of the most experienced teams of Tenerife diving instructors. We know the waters, where to dive and when to dive Tenerife. All registrations, qualifications, insurance updates and air testing certificates are on display in our centre and forwarded to anybody who requests this information.

So come and join the Atlantic Divers scuba team in Tenerife!

Looking for Accomodation?

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Snorkling & Boat Trips

Price list

Snorkling Trips
Adults € 35.00  
Children (under 12) € 18.00  
Diving Prices - Individual
Try dive € 75.00  
Shore dives € 50.00  
Boat dives € 50.00  
Night dives € 60.00  
Diving Packages
2Dive pack inclusive kit € 90.00  
2 Dive pack tank & weights € 130.00  
3 Dive pack inclusive kit € 145.00  
3 Dive pack tank & weights € 130.00  
4 Dive pack inclusive kit € 190.00  
4 Dive pack tank and weights € 170.00  
6 Dive pack inclusive kit € 270.00  
6 Dive pack tank & weights € 230.00  
10 Dive pack inclusive kit € 390.00  
10 Dive pack tank & weights € 335.00  
Diving Courses - All included
Scuba diver € 275.00
Open water diver € 420.00
Advanced open water diver € 320.00
Rescue diver € 390.00
Emergency first response € 145.00
Rescue diver & Emergency first response € 490.00  
Pro- Development Courses
Divemaster P.O.A.
Open Water Instructor P.O.A.
BSAC Courses Inquire
Speciality Courses
Wreck diver € 65.00 p.d.
Night diver € 65.00 p.d.
Drift diver € 65.00 p.d.
Deep diver € 65.00 p.d.
Boat diver € 65.00 p.d.
Digital underwater photographer € 65.00 p.d.
Underwater Navigator € 65.00 p.d.
Underwater Naturalist € 65.00 p.d.
No hidden charges!

Where to find us

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Calle Minerva 12, Edif. Las Gaviotas 74G, Costa del Silencio, 38630,
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands

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